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last day in Germany :(

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large_12348_13174091559542.jpgMe crusin' in the rainBefore we left, we got to "try out" my cousin's convertible. Or at least just sit in it and look cool :) Then we walked down to the roundabout to find a geocache there. The roundabout had a cool sculpture of square rocks and all the rocks in the middle of the roundabout where square rocks. Next we drove to the Hoepfner Brewery to get some souvenirs before having breakfast.

We went to the restaurant in Mann Mobilia XXXL (similar to IKEA). My cousin's mother joined us there, along with coupons for cheap breakfast! The restaurant was up on the top floor, so we had some nice views as we sat by the big window. We each got a gigantic plate of food that was too much to eat. But that worked out, because we took the rolls and fixings for lunch on the plane :) We stopped at the old Wal-mart, which is now something else, but still like a Walmart. We stocked up on sweets to bring home (chocolate, the best souvenir...)

My cousin was very kind and drove us to the airport in Frankfurt [Frankfurt-travel-guide-378326]. He was very happy with the little bit of traffic so he could drive fast. We were going 195 km/hr on the autobahn. Fun! (Glad I wasn't driving!) All too soon we were at the airport and saying good bye. In a few hours, we would be back home and vacation would be officially over.


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visiting family

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large_12348_13174075291269.jpgWe arrived to my cousins house, dropped our luggage, freshened up a bit, then walked down to their favorite chicken restaurant for a late lunch. Then we toured the house and yard (he has a beautiful garden and a nice house with a party cave). It was awesome! Then we all went to visit his mother. It started raining when we got there, so we sat in the patio under a roof and had some drinks and ice cream. It was a nice visit. His mother was so excited to show me everything - her flowers, apple trees, the room my parents stayed when they visited, photos of her family over the years, paintings by her late husband, anything and everything. It was so cute. She spoke Swabish (and no English) and I have a really hard time understanding it, but we were able to communicate, with help from my cousin :) He speaks excellent English and made things much easier for us!

After our visit, we drove into Karlsruhe [Karlsruhe-travel-guide-389059] to see the sights and eat dinner.large_12348_13174075316537.jpgstatue/fountainSince it was a Sunday, and raining, it was pretty quiet in town. We walked along a pedestrian zone to the castle, then through the botanical gardens. They were very nice. Even though it was gloomy and rainy, it was very pretty. I'm glad we walked through there. They were also having some festival with a beer garden and beers from around the world. Again, it was pretty quiet since it was wet. We walked by the castle, but didn't go in. Lots of things to see and do here, so we'll have to come back!

We ate dinner at the Badisch Brauhaus - for good German food and beer. My cousin wanted us to try Maultaschen, Swabian ravioli. We ended up sharing the Maultashen, Kase Spaetzle and pork medallions with mushrooms.large_12348_13174075327486.jpgpyramid (tomb) on MarktplatzYum! It was all so good! We should have skipped lunch so we would be hungrier! The restaurant was really cool and had a convertible roof (it was closed for rain), and a slide down 2 floors! Of course we had to try it out - but it doesn't work so well in jeans. I got stuck and had to scoot down.

It was a fun, full day. I wish we had more time to stay and visit and tour. But that's all the time we could get :( We went home, had some beer, visited, then showered and packed up. We would be flying home tomorrow.


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bus to Nurnberg

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large_12348_13174057433696.jpgWe wanted to visit my cousin near Karlsruhe, but there was no easy way to get there. No overnight trains with out transfers, long train rides, hmmm… My cousin suggested we get to Nurnberg and he would pick us up. So then I found reduced tickets for the bus from Prague [Prague-travel-guide-276556] to Nurnberg. I booked them online and printed our ticket before we left. Somehow we managed to find the bus stop at the main train station.

We waited outside with a bunch of people and luggage, so we figured we were in the right place. The bus was a double decker bus (cool!) and we were directed to our seats on the upper level after handing our luggage to the driver for loading. I was looking for our seats, but they didn't seem to be up here. We entered at the back and kept walking forward....no way! We had the very front row by the windshield! Awesome! It was such a fun bus ride, like we were driving the bus ourselves! We got nice views of the Prague andthe scenic countryside, which could have been any country. A couple of times I got nervous because it looked like we were going to run over a car. Must have just been the perspective. It was about a 3 hour bus ride to Nurnberg and so worth the cost! Perfect! We waited a few minutes at the train station and then my cousin arrived to pick us up. Away we went!


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CWG event at Nebilovy Castle

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large_12348_13174010767401.jpgThe bus dropped us off on top of a hill outside of Nebilovy, so we all had to walk down into town. The event was being held at the little castle there. The castle was nice looking from the outside, but once you walk through the gate into the courtyard, you see the older part of the castle, which hasn’t been restored.

The event was held in the courtyard. There were over 500 geocachers there, looking at the Czech wooden geocoins, and also the regular geocoins. There was live entertainment for us, and a light buffet. It was really warm and there wasn’t much shade. We could have taken a tour of the castle, but we didn’t understand the language, so we didn’t do that. Instead, we took a nice long walk through the countryside, getting geocaches that were set up around there.large_12348_13174010752514.jpg

We were there all day, and were beat. Our bus didn’t leave back for Plzen [Plzen-travel-guide-276554] until after the flash mob. Here, they had 225 people hold up cards with pictures to make the geocaching logo. I was lucky enough to sign up in time, so I got to hold one of the cards. I was a little nervous because I didn’t understand any Czech and didn’t quite know what to do, but the guy next to me spoke enough English to help me out. So we stood there in a big grid and made two logos. They had a little remote control helicopter fly over to make a video. It was pretty crazy, but I still had fun.

After that, we didn’t know what to do. No one seemed to know anything about the bus. So we started climbing the hill. It was long and steep and I barely made it. We got to the top…and no bus. We stood around for a few minutes wondering what to do, when the bus appeared. Yay! We got back to Plzen with 10 minutes before our train left. If we missed this one, we’d have to wait another hour. We were so exhausted, that we took the tram back to our stop, stumbled to the hotel and went to bed.


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train to Plzen

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large_12348_13174002574295.jpgWe got up early, took the tram to the train station, and bought tickets to Plzen [Plzen-travel-guide-276554]. Today was the date of a geocoin show in Nebilovy, which is a small town south of Plzen. The event organizers set up a shuttle bus from the Plzen train station to Nebilovy, but in order to get the bus, we had to leave Prague around 6 am. Yikes!

We bought our tickets, then went to look at the schedule board. I had printed the train schedule and saw that there was a train at 6:10 that looked good, but the board wasn’t showing that. They had Plzen as 6:50 – that wouldn’t get us there in time. Suddenly the board flashed from some town to Plzen, at 6:10, then flashed back. We had about 5 minutes until departure so we ran off to our track and jumped on the train with about 2 minutes to spare. I wished I had water, but the train didn’t have a food/beverage car. So we just settled in to our compartment and snoozed most of the way there. I was awake for part of the ride, and it was very foggy outside. Once the fog lifted, it was a nice ride through the county. We could have been back home.

The Plzen train station was small, but we found a little shop with breakfast pastries. We don’t speak Czech, so we just pointed to what we wanted. And then I finally got my water! We were a little early, but we met some others also taking the bus. We hopped on the bus, and off we went!


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